Stop fighting your database.

DynamoDB is exploding in popularity. It's fast, scalable, and fully-managed. But it's not your father's database. Data modeling in DynamoDB is different than the relational data model you're used to.

Learn how to properly design your data model with DynamoDB to avoid problems later.

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DynamoDB doesn't have to be complicated.

DynamoDB is one of the fastest-growing databases on the market. It combines consistent performance with a flexible billing model as a fully-managed service.

Have a need for speed?
DynamoDB has you covered. DynamoDB is used for high-scale applications with enormous data, like's shopping cart or Lyft's ride location service. It scales to terabytes and beyond with no performance degradation.

Want to go Serverless? DynamoDB is the most popular database for Serverless applications.

"But DynamoDB is just a key-value store!"


DynamoDB can handle any OLTP workload you throw at it.

While your relational database queries slow down as your data grows, DynamoDB keeps on going. It is designed to handle large, complex workloads without melting down.

This book contains five walkthrough examples featuring complex data models and a large number of access patterns. From relationships to unique constraints, DynamoDB can handle it all.

Learn the strategies to use DynamoDB effectively.

NoSQL data modeling is different than relational data modeling. You must design your table specifically for your access patterns.

This book teaches a strategy-driven approach for designing your tables. You will learn strategies for handling:

    • One-to-many relationships
    • Many-to-many relationships
    • Complex filtering requirements
    • Aggregations
    • Uniqueness

    ... and more!

    With a foreword by NoSQL expert, Rick Houlihan


    Jeremy Daly
    AWS Serverless Hero & host of the Serverless Chats Podcast

    "I’ve been studying DynamoDB modeling for quite some time, tirelessly digging through blog posts, documentation, and videos, hoping to find any bits of useful information. Oftentimes, I would end up empty-handed, or even worse, confronted with conflicting or inaccurate information. 

    And then finally! Alex delivers a compendium of all the necessary patterns and practices that will help you unleash the power of DynamoDB. It’s beautifully written, accessible to all levels of practitioners, and most importantly, it’s based on years of research and firsthand experience. If you’re looking for the ultimate guide to DynamoDB modeling, your search ends with Alex’s book."

    Corey Quinn
    Cloud Economist at the Duckbill Group;

    “If you’re looking for a book on the best database in the world, you’ll need to write one yourself about Route 53. If you’re looking for a book on the second best database in the world, I recommend the remarkably well written and incredibly approachable ‘The DynamoDB Book’ by Alex DeBrie.”








    Paul Swail
    Serverless Expert & AWS Consultant at Winter Wind Software

    "If you’re building serverless applications on AWS, then DynamoDB data modelling is a must-have skill. But existing information on how to do this well is incomplete and fragmented and it's so easy to get it wrong first time round.

    The DynamoDB Book solves this. 

    Whether you’re new to DynamoDB and want to get a real grasp on how to properly model your data, or you want to learn more advanced patterns, Alex describes novel concepts in simple terms using relatable real-world use cases.

    This is the book I’ll be recommending to all my clients who are starting their serverless journey."

    Daniel Galati

    Senior Software Engineer @ Amazon and Creator @

    “I’ve been working with DynamoDB for the past seven years building highly scalable and mission critical applications. 

    Alex’s book is hands down the best DynamoDB resource you can find today. 

    In it, you’ll learn about foundational DynamoDB concepts and some of my favourite topics like streams and single table design. 

    Highly recommended for both newcomers to DynamoDB and experienced users looking for a refresher."








    About the Author

    Alex DeBrie

    Hi there, I'm Alex. I've helped thousands of developers learn DynamoDB through my site,

    I've spoken about DynamoDB at multiple AWS Summits and had the second-most viewed session at AWS re:Invent 2019. I'm an AWS Hero and have helped write some of the official guides for AWS database services.

    I've spent the last 5 years working with DynamoDB. I've designed bad DynamoDB data models so you don't have to. This is the book I wish I had when I started. Learn from my mistakes to design a clean, efficient data model in DynamoDB.

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